Jan 16 2010

Victoria’s Secret for invisible sweater

Victoria seems to have more than a few secrets up her sleve… one of them (as seen on one of their latest newsletter) is invisible sweaters.


Didnt spot the mistake?  Simple… where is the sweater behind and in between her legs?

Special thanks to Elaine for sending this in.

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Jun 15 2009

razer delivers unreal reflections

razer recently launched their latest gaming keyboard… and on the promo site they also put out a classic photoshop mistake.


the reflection is clearly off.  if this keyboard was really on a reflective surface we would be seeing the back of the keyboard instead of the keys on the front.

Apr 23 2009

apple ipod for mother’s day

yesterday apple sent out a newsletter.  they want you to buy an ipod as a gift this mother’s day.

dont worry, if your mom doesnt know what that black piece of plastic is or how to use it, she can always look at its reflection for the hidden message


UPDATE: mark this one down as a brain fart… as the iPod letters and logos are actually the ones on the back of all the iPods.  We completely forgot about that when posting this.

Apple, please forgive us! we love your products.

Apr 12 2009

the world of reflections

a. graphic designer learns how to create reflections

b. graphic designer finds any excuse to use the newly learned skills – even if they make no sense

c. graphic designer’s work ends up at photoshopmistakes.com


thanks Jon – Rune!

Mar 22 2009

killer baby swing

this is just horrible. who thought it was a good idea to make this swing look like it was drag racing a lamborghini?