Jun 15 2009

razer delivers unreal reflections

razer recently launched their latest gaming keyboard… and on the promo site they also put out a classic photoshop mistake.


the reflection is clearly off.  if this keyboard was really on a reflective surface we would be seeing the back of the keyboard instead of the keys on the front.

Jun 10 2009

OK Magazine’s photoshop not OK

OK magazine’s reotuching is far from…OK

on their april 20th issue they forgot one key part… the girl’s leg.


seems like leg chopping is common nowadays, as seen on some of our previous posts below:



May 1 2009

i need your help

I need your help.  after reviewing the numbers, i can tell you this blog is doing well in terms of traffic, but the interaction is just simply not there.

We have some people commenting and submitting their findings but not as much as I would have hoped for.  So i am coming to you (the readers) to get your input and ideas on how to make this a better place to come, have some fun looking at horrible photoshop mistakes, and maybe learn a few photoshop things now and then.

I am open to anything.  suggestions for design, content, usability, features, anything you can think of that you think or know will make this a place worth your while to visit often and get involved with.  Again, i am open to anything, so dont hold back.

Feel free to comment you suggestions, email them to tips@photoshopmistakes.com or use the form below.


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Apr 25 2009

xxl size retouch for eminem

what in the hell did they do to eminem’s face?

and who approved this as the image to go on the COVER?


Apr 23 2009

apple ipod for mother’s day

yesterday apple sent out a newsletter.  they want you to buy an ipod as a gift this mother’s day.

dont worry, if your mom doesnt know what that black piece of plastic is or how to use it, she can always look at its reflection for the hidden message


UPDATE: mark this one down as a brain fart… as the iPod letters and logos are actually the ones on the back of all the iPods.  We completely forgot about that when posting this.

Apple, please forgive us! we love your products.