Mar 3 2010

magical brazilian legs

Brazilian actress Giovanna Antonelli is constantly in and out of photo shoots. Not uncommon for the typical actress, but how bad does it suck to go an get your photos taken and then realize they just photoshopped you all over… and the person who photoshopped you had less than 2 hours of photoshop experience.

lets review…

1. one hot leg… one old, wrinkly leg

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Sep 11 2009

peta saves animals but not photoshop

a while back we had the over the top retouching done on the Danity Kane girls by peta… looks like they are back at it again… this time the victim was Nia Long


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Mar 15 2009

highlander dvd cover mistake

here is the dvd cover for the movie Highlander


these guys are ready to battle! Wait, actually only one of them because the left one isn’t even holding the sword


Mar 14 2009

GQ magazine cover with rachel bilson – short legs

GQ magazine is known for photoshopping their covers A LOT.  this time they felt rachel bilson was a little bit too tall for their taste. So, they gave her legs the size of a 3-year old.


Mar 13 2009

i think i love my wife poster – missing leg

we previously showed you some leg-chopping-action from Stuff Magazine.  We have more for you.

This is the cover for Chris Rock’s movie I Think I Love My Wife.


his wife is missing a leg on this poster, but is that why he cheats on her?