Apr 1 2009

lexus suv


out of whack perspective and unrealistic shadows make this a perfect photoshop mistake

Mar 27 2009

british bikini model with fake top

these people must have missed our post of bad photoshop coloring as well as the great tutorial on how to color in photoshop because they just put out this photoshop mistake


the bottom part of that bikini looks ok but the top. there is just something not quite right


it doesnt get more fake than this…

we are of course talking about the painted on bikini top.

Mar 16 2009

christina aguilera with nasty fingers

glamour magazine loves to retouch their pictures.  the problem is that the more you retouch, the more room there is for mistakes.  here is one they let slip.  its christina aguilera, and her fingers twisted into something straight out of a horror movie


Mar 14 2009

GQ magazine cover with rachel bilson – short legs

GQ magazine is known for photoshopping their covers A LOT.  this time they felt rachel bilson was a little bit too tall for their taste. So, they gave her legs the size of a 3-year old.


Mar 12 2009

maxim magazine retouching mistake

maxim magazine had a photoshoot with Kata Dobo.  And after the photoshoot was done they ran those images through photoshop.


think she’s in nice shape? maybe, but its funny that the tiles on the walls are not so in shape.

take a look.  right side of the stomach has been pushed in and left side of her chest has been stretched.


here is another shot


on this one her sides were really pushed in