Mar 25 2009

imagine babies… without watermarks

seems like video game covers are not immune to photoshop mistakes.  a while back we showed you what they did to a soccer game.  today we have the cover of “imagine babies”


stock images are not that expensive really, and when you actually buy them they come without watermarks, and that makes them look even better!

Feb 26 2009

fifa 08 game too painful for ronaldinho

this one is for the gamers out there. i was recently thinking about buying fifa 09 for PS3, and this reminded me of one the funniest, in-your-face bad photoshops i have seen in a while.

i bring you, the cover of the FIFA 08 Game

pay close attention to ronaldinho’s arm


looks like the expression on his face is not that of celebrating after a goal, but more like pain and suffering after whatever happened to his arm.