Jun 15 2009

razer delivers unreal reflections

razer recently launched their latest gaming keyboard… and on the promo site they also put out a classic photoshop mistake.


the reflection is clearly off.  if this keyboard was really on a reflective surface we would be seeing the back of the keyboard instead of the keys on the front.

Apr 23 2009

apple ipod for mother’s day

yesterday apple sent out a newsletter.  they want you to buy an ipod as a gift this mother’s day.

dont worry, if your mom doesnt know what that black piece of plastic is or how to use it, she can always look at its reflection for the hidden message


UPDATE: mark this one down as a brain fart… as the iPod letters and logos are actually the ones on the back of all the iPods.  We completely forgot about that when posting this.

Apple, please forgive us! we love your products.

Mar 25 2009

imagine babies… without watermarks

seems like video game covers are not immune to photoshop mistakes.  a while back we showed you what they did to a soccer game.  today we have the cover of “imagine babies”


stock images are not that expensive really, and when you actually buy them they come without watermarks, and that makes them look even better!

Feb 28 2009

fergie and motorola U9

we recently came across this photoshop mistake of fergie holding a motorola U9 phone.


look at her hand.  it looks like she is some sort of weird creature with fingers stuck together, and some weirdly spaced apart.   and that’s on top of her arm being way out of position.

Sadly, this was on motorola’s home page (portugal)