Mar 3 2010

magical brazilian legs

Brazilian actress Giovanna Antonelli is constantly in and out of photo shoots. Not uncommon for the typical actress, but how bad does it suck to go an get your photos taken and then realize they just photoshopped you all over… and the person who photoshopped you had less than 2 hours of photoshop experience.

lets review…

1. one hot leg… one old, wrinkly leg

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Nov 18 2009

Ellen Degeneres on Oprah Cover

Ever since a few months ago, Ellen Degeneres has been on a mission to get on the cover of Oprah Magazine.  After months, and months of trying to make this happen, she finally got her wish.

You would think that something months in the making would be done right… yet rumors are going around that the final cover itself was photoshopped.  Apparently Ellen’s head seen here was originally from another picture…


What do you think?

Jun 10 2009

OK Magazine’s photoshop not OK

OK magazine’s reotuching is far from…OK

on their april 20th issue they forgot one key part… the girl’s leg.


seems like leg chopping is common nowadays, as seen on some of our previous posts below:



Apr 25 2009

xxl size retouch for eminem

what in the hell did they do to eminem’s face?

and who approved this as the image to go on the COVER?


Apr 23 2009

apple ipod for mother’s day

yesterday apple sent out a newsletter.  they want you to buy an ipod as a gift this mother’s day.

dont worry, if your mom doesnt know what that black piece of plastic is or how to use it, she can always look at its reflection for the hidden message


UPDATE: mark this one down as a brain fart… as the iPod letters and logos are actually the ones on the back of all the iPods.  We completely forgot about that when posting this.

Apple, please forgive us! we love your products.