Nov 17 2009

Photoshop Mistakes featured on

The folks over at put together a story highlighting sites around the net that focus on photoshop mistakes… of course, we were in the mix.

Check out the article and be sure to show some comment love


Sep 11 2009

peta saves animals but not photoshop

a while back we had the over the top retouching done on the Danity Kane girls by peta… looks like they are back at it again… this time the victim was Nia Long


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Aug 31 2009

Microsoft’s racist ad makes headlines

This one is a couple of days old since i was out on vacation while the story broke.

Basically microsoft rolled out the following ads for different regions… and from what it looks, their graphic designers are a bit racist.

here is the ad for the USA


and here is the polish version of the same ad…


the story has been all over the net, and microsoft has even issued an official apology.  this will go down as one of the best photoshop mistakes ever.

Jun 15 2009

razer delivers unreal reflections

razer recently launched their latest gaming keyboard… and on the promo site they also put out a classic photoshop mistake.


the reflection is clearly off.  if this keyboard was really on a reflective surface we would be seeing the back of the keyboard instead of the keys on the front.

Jun 10 2009

OK Magazine’s photoshop not OK

OK magazine’s reotuching is far from…OK

on their april 20th issue they forgot one key part… the girl’s leg.


seems like leg chopping is common nowadays, as seen on some of our previous posts below: