Apr 6 2010

the not so plus size model

This one is one of the funniest one’s we’ve seen in a while.  Seems Reitman is really pushing their plus sized clothing… but instead of actually hiring plus size models, they are turning to the magic of the liquify tool.

thanks to Adam for sending this one in!

Apr 2 2010

Bridal dress from gran theft auto

We stumbled across this ad for wedding dresses in one of the latest issues of Bride’s Magazine.  The job the company selling the dresses did on this multi-page ad is so bad it looks like they used a girl from grand theft auto as their model.

first… not so bad…

then it gets a kinda bad…

and finally… “it” hits the fan!

Mar 29 2010

Sears magical furniture

This one is a funny one.  Check out Sears’ image ofthis patio furniture set.  From the obvious “floating” capabilities of the furniture set to the amazing clone job done on the “floor”.

Thanks Lea!

Mar 26 2010

Double sun or nuclear explosion

Check out this ad from BMI’s Diamond Club… You can clearly see the sun out the window but wait… how is the window shadow coming from up high?

thanks Pyers!

Mar 3 2010

magical brazilian legs

Brazilian actress Giovanna Antonelli is constantly in and out of photo shoots. Not uncommon for the typical actress, but how bad does it suck to go an get your photos taken and then realize they just photoshopped you all over… and the person who photoshopped you had less than 2 hours of photoshop experience.

lets review…

1. one hot leg… one old, wrinkly leg

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