jennifer love hewitt’s feet destroyed by maxim

maxim magazine has been kind enought to provide us with one of the best photoshop mistakes to date…

here is jennifer love hewitt in what is the may 09 edition of the magazine


and a closer look


why cant magazines spend a little more time checking and making sure they dont put this kind of garbage out there?

thanks tony!

5 Responses to “jennifer love hewitt’s feet destroyed by maxim”

  • Robert Davis Says:

    Nice well thought of article. I really like Jennifer Love Hewitt.

  • Paza Says:

    wat are use on about??
    WTF!! who cares bout wats in the background…
    shes good looking, it doesnt matter bout anything else…

    • corrado Says:

      Paza, i dont think anybody is denying that jennifer is good looking… and that is exactly our point… there is no need to photoshop her. yet they tried to make her better and failed. completely destroying her feet among other things that went wrong on this photoshop mistake.

      wouldnt you agree?

  • Howard Says:

    Well, I may be out of it but the copy indicates she should be wearing a tiara, but isn’t. Also the “water” appears to be either green jello, or a really bad algae bloom. Also the shadows are all wrong. The shadow thrown by the fence is crazy (probably not PS but just their lighting) as well as her shadow thrown on the pool and deck.

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