Mar 22 2009

killer baby swing

this is just horrible. who thought it was a good idea to make this swing look like it was drag racing a lamborghini?


Mar 21 2009

another walmart patio disaster

you have probably seen walmart’s opinion of what shadows should look like.  but just in case you didnt fully understand what they meant… here is another example


Mar 20 2009

bad baby bedroom decorations

you are having a baby, but its too soon to know whether its a boy or a girl.  What color combination do you use for the baby’s bedroom?



the coloring is ok but honestly the plant on the left side, the area rug and the rocker chair reflection are probably the worst things in these photoshops.

Mar 19 2009

amazing swimming pool models

either the economy must be hitting walmart’s photography budget or these models have an amazing ability to replicate their exact poses from pool to pool.




funny thing is they dont even try to hide it. they list all these images next to each other

Mar 18 2009

walmart bounce house

if you think our previous walmart photoshop mistake was bad, you have not seen what walmart’s graphic design team has been up to.


yes, that is a bounce house, and yes the kids that were supposed to be INSIDE the bounce house are sort of… well its really hard to describe what is it they are actually doing but it looks like something criss angel would do.

click here to visit the actual product page in case this is too hard to believe