Mar 30 2009

you asked and we delivered

you asked us to change a few things on the site to make it easier for you.

1. You asked for the option to login and comment using your Gmail, AIM, and other popular logins.

- Now you can login and comment using Friend Connect.

2. You asked us to get rid of the double side bar and go back to one.

- As you can see we went back to one sidebar and we cleaned up the interface a bit.

Thanks for all your feedback and we hope you like the changes we made.  Enjoy!

As always, if you find any photoshop mistakes or disasters out there, LET US KNOW!

Mar 30 2009

danity kane girls go naked

we got a tip from junior that danity kane decided to go naked for PETA


but instead of being an ad against wearing animal fur, it turned more into an ad for over-the-top photoshop retouching


Mar 27 2009

british bikini model with fake top

these people must have missed our post of bad photoshop coloring as well as the great tutorial on how to color in photoshop because they just put out this photoshop mistake


the bottom part of that bikini looks ok but the top. there is just something not quite right


it doesnt get more fake than this…

we are of course talking about the painted on bikini top.

Mar 25 2009

imagine babies… without watermarks

seems like video game covers are not immune to photoshop mistakes.  a while back we showed you what they did to a soccer game.  today we have the cover of “imagine babies”


stock images are not that expensive really, and when you actually buy them they come without watermarks, and that makes them look even better!

Mar 23 2009

1 month anniversary

today marks the 1 month anniversary for

thank you for sticking with us, and sending us your findings.

keep sending us whatever mistakes you find and ideas on how to make this a better place for you to come and laugh your faces off with the photoshop mistakes that are out there.

To celebrate we decided to do a recap of our top 5 most  popular mistakes so far.

Click on the title or picture to read the full post in case you missed it.

#5: Time Magazine


#4: Spider Man


#3: Walmart


#2: South Beach Magazine


and finally our number 1 most popular post so far…

#1:  Stuff Magazine