Feb 28 2009

fergie and motorola U9

we recently came across this photoshop mistake of fergie holding a motorola U9 phone.


look at her hand.  it looks like she is some sort of weird creature with fingers stuck together, and some weirdly spaced apart.   and that’s on top of her arm being way out of position.

Sadly, this was on motorola’s home page (portugal)

Feb 27 2009

Vanity Fair and Kate Winslet

here is a brand new photoshop mistake.  in this image straight from vanity fair we see sam mendes and kate winslet together… but were they really together?


well, unless sam was wearing a very unique shirt that has one sleeve normal and one sleeve with a built in coat, then no, they were not together.

man, seriously, why would you need to photoshop these two together instead of just using a real picture of them? they are married!  It shouldn’t be that hard.

Feb 26 2009

walmart patio furniture with fake sun

the people at walmart sure know how to piece together true photoshop mistakes. look at this patio furniture set.


the only way those shadows would be the defined is if walmart hired it own sun and placed it about 2 feet away from the furniture in order to take the picture. the cloning of part of the grass is also horrible but nothing compared to the shadowing.

Feb 26 2009

fifa 08 game too painful for ronaldinho

this one is for the gamers out there. i was recently thinking about buying fifa 09 for PS3, and this reminded me of one the funniest, in-your-face bad photoshops i have seen in a while.

i bring you, the cover of the FIFA 08 Game

pay close attention to ronaldinho’s arm


looks like the expression on his face is not that of celebrating after a goal, but more like pain and suffering after whatever happened to his arm.

Feb 25 2009

stuff magazine girl missing a leg

wow, this one takes photoshop mistakes to a new level. Stuff magazine always features at least one beautiful model, actress, etc in each of their issues, as well as posting exclusive content on their website.

We bring you Veronica Kay


everything seems normal until you pay close attention to the rest of the pictures…


OUCH! they chopped her leg off! but it doesn’t stop here. apparently the retouching person hated veronica’s leg because it was chopped of in more than one picture.

take a look



but not to worry, veronica get her leg back at the end…


there are other mistakes on these images but nothing worth mentioning once you factor in the leg chopping action.

stay tuned for more, and remember to send your findings over to submissions@photoshopmistakes.com